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Meet Jillian and Liz Nelson

We are a mother, daughter team with over 30 years of gardening experience; Liz has a degree in horticulture/agriculture and we've been living on our farm since 1970. We appreciate the benefits of growing our own vegetables - wow the taste difference! There are no pesticides or chemical fertilizers used on any of our plants. Instead, each plant is tenderly cared for by our experienced  hands. Working with nature is our practice by promoting healthy soil life, inviting beneficial insects, birds,  companion planting and regular crop rotation. 

Pleased to have launched our CSA program because it is important to us that everyone has the opportunity to have access to fresh, naturally grown produce. In the past we have always planted extra to share with friends and the food bank, so by making our garden bigger this year we are now growing for people that may not have the space or time to have a garden, yet still want to have naturally grown and great tasting produce for their family to eat.

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